Inclusion and Diversity

Bayer believes on the power of Diversity. We have the mission of providing a diverse and inclusive environment, assuring that everyone has equal opportunities, because we are aware of our role in the society and in the power of this matter. We believe in the power of transformation and innovation in a working environment where people are respected for being who they are and, by all means, bring their best to our company.


As an organization, we have responsibility of reflecting our values of respect and importance of dialogue, where diverse points of view are valued. Whit this, we create a space where everyone can be innovative and can work achieving full potential.

To create an open environment for Inclusion and Diversity themes within organization, we count on a I&D strategy, which has the mission of placing Bayer as a recognized company internally and externally in this subject, eliminating barriers and promoting a cultural transformation. Adding to that, we count on five affinity groups, focused on different matters with the following mission:

All-In-logo.PNG_338756968 Foster gender equality and respect through dialogue and engagement, aiming for a better life for all

AF_bayafro_07-03.png_1655278296 Build a company whose internal population reflects the afro-descendant distribution of Brazilian society, at all hierarchical levels.

blend_PT_COLOR_LGHT_BKG_2.png_1846308777 Promote equality of opportunities for LGBT+’s through support channels and actions that will add value to the business, the employees and the society.

AF_Logo_Infinite_IG_PORT_AzulEscuro.png_571148581 Promote diversity of viewpoints and perspectives. Build dialogue opportunities and reflections, creating spaces of interaction between different generations and contexts.

ENABLE_BBRG_COLOR_LGHT_BKG.jpg_1144744119 Build a leader company regarding awareness about people with disabilities and strengthen culture and management practices will allow Bayer to become an open company, inclusive, safe, respectful and accessible to the human diversity in the relationship with all stakeholders.