Trainee Program


Get ready to construct your future!

Elaborated in light of our values, the Trainee Program aligns with the Bayer talent development strategy. This program aims at preparing professional youths with capacity, skill and determination to face challenges and assume various positions in the organization.

The program seeks to reinforce the enterprising and innovative performance of this new generation of professionals. It also seeks to stimulate self-development, so they can perform as leading players in their own professional growth.

The Trainee Program lasts 18 months. It includes technical and behavioral development actions for integrating them with the organization’s culture. Its modules are thus structured to facilitate the absorption of specific knowledge, as well as activities that offer experiences as a means to consolidate the new content presented. Throughout this period, Trainees go through some development meetings focused on the following: Behavior, Tools, Business and Project.

Why being a Bayer trainee is interesting for your career.

  • Bayer is one of the biggest organizations in the world
  •  It provides professional development
  • It accompanies and evaluates the professional in a personalized manner (tutor)
  • It offers the chance to work with highly qualified and multicultural teams
  • It has benefits in line with the market

Trainee groups are selected every year and a half. Follow the news of the next classes accompanying Bayer Careers on the social media Links to Twitter and Facebook